Clock Servicing or Overhaul

For a normal service/overhaul, you can expect the following:*

  • Thorough inspection to determine whether it has any specific problems and if necessary the customer is contacted with details
  • The clock is fully dismantled, including the platform of carriage clocks
  • The mainsprings are removed and their condition checked. Replaced if necessary
  • All components are cleaned by hand or in specialist solutions, usually making use of ultrasonic cleaning machines
  • Each piece is individually examined for wear and tear, using a microscope if necessary
  • The pivots are filed and polished as required and pivot holes bushed as necessary
  • Any new parts that are required are bought, or manufactured by us if no longer available
  • Reassembly and lubrication with specialist oils and grease
  • The clock is then fully tested
  • The case is cleaned
  • A set of job notes is provided, and the clock is guaranteed for twelve months

*other services can be provided on request.